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SEGL at ALA: Q&A with Director Mairéad O’Grady

We’re thrilled to be launching SEGL at ALA in Johannesburg, South Africa in Spring 2020! Partnering with us in this endeavor is the African Leadership Academy, one of the world’s premiere educational institutions. ALA has a history of hosting outstanding American students and providing them with rigorous classes and a transformational experience.
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Critical Thinking: an inside look at our Lincoln Park case study

By Lizzy Kildahl, AP U.S. History and AP Comparative Government Teacher

In April of 1876 Frederick Douglass stood at the intersection of East Capitol and 11th Streets in Washington, DC to speak at the unveiling of a statue. In the crowd of 25,000 people were President Ulysses S. Grant, Mary Todd Lincoln, Members of the Cabinet and Congress, and many formerly enslaved people. Read More

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SEGL Spotlight: A Q&A with our new Board Chair, Paige Cottingham-Streater

SEGL is excited and honored to welcome Paige Cottingham-Streater as its new Board Chair. Cottingam-Streater, a founding trustee of the School, is currently the Executive Director of the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission, where she provides strategic direction, increases the visibility of the bilateral relationship between Japan and the United States, and promotes educational and cultural exchange.Read More

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The Case for SEGL in London

At Family/Homecoming Weekend 2017, SEGL Founder and Head of School announced a Summer 2018 pilot program in London that is designed to lay the groundwork for a year-round London campus.  Why should SEGL expand?  Why London?  What would such a program look like?  Read “The Case for SEGL in London” (and find out how to join our efforts) below!Read More

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