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Meet your instructors for the course, Noah Bopp, Bud Krogh, and Christian Starling!

Noah Bopp is Founder and Director of The School for Ethics and Global Leadership, where he also teaches English and Ethics & Leadership. From 2002-5, he directed the History program at the Mountain School of Milton Academy. In 2002, he founded the Duke University TIP Global Dialogues Institute; he co-founded the Duke TIP in Paris program in 2001. He began his teaching career at St. George’s School in Newport, Rhode Island, where he taught history and philosophy, and chaired the school’s Community Service Council. He holds a BA in Philosophy and Law & Society from Oberlin College, an MAT from Duke University, and an Ed.M. in Private School Leadership from the Klingenstein Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Egil “Bud” Krogh is Senior Fellow and Chair, Leadership and Ethics at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress. During his time on the Nixon White House staff, Bud’s responsibilities included District of Columbia governmental affairs, law enforcement, narcotics control policy, transportation policy and work with the Special Investigations Unit (The White House “Plumbers”). As co-director of the “Plumbers,” Bud approved a covert operation as part of a national security investigation into the leak of the Top Secret Pentagon Papers to The New York Times. He later pleaded guilty to conspiracy and served four and a half months in prison. Bud taught Ethics, Public Policy Analysis, and Administrative Law at Golden Gate University, and practiced energy law. Bud has had 35 years to reflect on the lessons learned from his White House experience and their relevance to more recent scandals. Some of his conclusions have resulted in The Integrity Zone®, a decision-making model intended to help people make choices based on integrity in their professional and personal lives. More recently, Bud has focused on spreading the message of integrity-based decision making through youth, corporate, public service, and legal education. In 2007, Public Affairs Press published his book Integrity: Good People, Bad Choices, and Life Lessons from the White House.

Christian Starling is a recent graduate of Harvard University, where he earned a degree in Social Anthropology and a secondary certification in Visual and Environmental Studies. At Harvard, he spent most of his time focused on social justice work, in both volunteer and full-time employment positions year-round. He divided up his time as a director, elected officer, and student trustee at the Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA), the nation’s largest student-run social justice and non-profit organization. Additionally, he worked as a recruitment intern for the Boston-based non-profit Artists for Humanity. In his recent tenure as a Citizen Schools National Teaching Fellow, he was leader of his campus’s Eighth Grade Academy and college and career prep curriculum lead in Charlotte, North Carolina. Christian grew up in Detroit, Michigan, where he served as Student Council President at the University Liggett School and was a Skillman Scholar.

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