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Fifth Day in Paris!


The Tour Eiffel lights up!

The Tour Eiffel lights up!


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Jul 21, 2013


  1. Felice Berkoiwtz says:

    We are so jealous! How fabulous to be able to watch the Tour de France in person, no less the 100th anniversary one. What a cool light show. We got to see it on line but I have a feeling that nothing comes close to actually being there for the spectacular event. How exciting! We’re really thrilled for you that you could see it all in person. Stay well. Have fun! Au revoir, Felice

  2. Katherine Leary says:

    Great shots!

    All looks fantastic, and every member is clearly enjoying every minute, but given the same clothing, it appears some of the 5th day blog photos is a continuation of the 4th day ???
    …. Especially with no photos of the Tour de France finish yesterday?

    Hopefully we will see some shots tomorrow. I enjoy following them so much.


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