Girl Rising

order of events:

2:00PM: Go to this link for an introduction to the movie, and sign in as a guest by clicking the “Enter as a Guest” button – it’ll look like the picture below.

2:05PM: Return to this webpage, and you will see a box that looks like the image below.  To start the movie, enter the password “SEGLGirlRising” (without the quotation marks) – the easiest way to enter the password is to copy the text between the quotations marks and paste it above.

3:45PM: Return to the virtual classroom to join our conversation with Executive Producer Tom Yellin.

tech support:

1.  Make sure you have a good, consistent internet connection.  If you can, plug your computer directly into your modem or router – wireless connections sometimes slow down, or drop their signal entirely.  Check your speed at Speedtest – if your connection is at least at 4.5Mbps, you’re good to go!  Ensure that all other browsers and tabs are closed, and that you aren’t downloading anything.  If you can, ensure that no one else is using your network.2.  Ensure that your browser is compatible with our videoconferencing software, Adobe Connect, at this link.  The test will ensure that your browser has all necessary plugins and that your internet connection is fast enough to videoconference.  You may be asked to download the Adobe Connect Plugin – if possible, please do so when prompted.  The plugin is not necessary for our videoconference, but using it ensures you will have the best possible experience.  We recommend using Chrome or Firefox for the videoconference.