Our 2018-2019 Contributors

Many thanks to all of our generous contributors!

$100,000 and above
Cynthia and Dave King

Malcolm Robinson
Mark Condon and Jean Hynes

The Edward J. Phillips Family Foundation
The Quad Family Foundation
Samuel and Jillian Herschkowitz
Susan and Jim Rothwell

Dudley and Marian Lacy
Fay and Bill Shutzer
Janet and Richard Blakeman of The New York Community Trust
Tracy Leeds and Evan Marwell

Bruno and Liz Pasquinelli
Debra Ellenoff and David Lang
Kevin and Sue Concannon
Andrew and Melissa Lawson
Larry Leeds
The Samuel J. and Ethel LeFrak Charitable Trust

Jasjit Ahluwalia and Harsohena Kaur
Douglas and Elena Atkin
Dennis and Leesa Campbell
Daniel and Kristen Curtin
Anna Czekaj-Farber
Ed and Roberta Douma
Matteson Ellis
Kevin Emerson and JoAnn Gaul
Natalie and Tom Epperson
Jonathan Farber
Kathleen and Jim Gilbert
Nicole Heath
Robert and Judith Kamerschen
Kathleen Kane-Francalangia and Mario Francalangia
Judith Kaufmann and George Moose
Mara and Dean Landis
Kate Neisser and Steve Burns
Hutton Phillips
Margaret Potter and Wilbur Kim
John and Emily Rockefeller
Nutan Sharma
Brad and Angel Sherril
Tanu and Kenny Singh
Allen Thorpe
Liz Wainger of The Wainger Group, LLC.

Harold Eugene Batiste, III, Ed.D.
Rachel Blakeman
Richard Caloca and Suzanne Thomas
Jennifer and Jeff Clark
Carolyn and Gary Cohen
Paige Cottingham-Streater
Jolynn and Hampton Dellinger
Reeves Hart
Sola Kim
Kerry McGill
Lawrence Nabatoff and Kelly Ketterhagen
Claire Priest
Sridhar and Rama Ramaswamy
William and Dallas Rexer
Hollis Salzman and David Barry
Kathryn and Jamie Streator
Linda Talty
Selton Talty
David Wolfsohn and Elise Nappi

Under $500
Naomi Amuzie
Matan Arad-Neeman
Margo Austin
Sloane and Chris Awtrey
Wendy Banner and Geoffrey Weiner
Jody and Tom Bauder
Phyllis Beane
Richard and Heitha Beane
Archer Biggs
Eleanor M. Birch
Richard Blakeman
Maddie Boone
Shawn Buckland
Anna Bunn
Natalie Caloca
Suraya and Elaman Choudhury
Alexandra Claman
Jennifer and Doug Claman
Mary Coudal
Joelle Crichlow
Rhonda and David Crichlow
Eric Daigle and Nancy Renaud
Michael and Marsha Darville
Aaron Datta
Jennifer and Stephen Davis
Debra Diamond
Haitong Du
Sadie Emch
Michelle Ewald
Jennifer Fleming
Jair Froome
Jennifer Gates
Christine and David Gedye
Lori and Randy George
Tavia Glenn
Martha Golden
Valeria Gonzalez
Angela and Ricardo Gonzalez
Rachel Greene
Trey and Blakely Griggs
Mamadou Gueye
Gerry and Beth Gunderson
Deanna and Doug Hailey
Alison and Pierce Haley
Carol and Richard Hall
Sydney Heath
Hannah Henick
Betsy Hillier
Jordan and Alex Hoffner
Ralph and Anita Hunt
Sprague and Tom Huntington
Michael Hussey
Alison and Christopher Illick
Xiu Qin Jiang
Cameron Janssens
Maria Katsulos
Jonathan King and Jacqueline Sailer
Kurt Kiefer and Mary Williamson
Naveen Kotam and Saritha Reddy
Christopher D. Lash
Heather Lake
Winson Law
Barry and Donnabeth Leffler
Tracy and Nick Lehman
Dina Lehrer and Eric Small
Jacqueline Lewis
Raymond Lin and Loyti Cheng
Karen Lindsey
David Lynch
Susan MacFadding
Steve and Paula Marder
Paula and Tim Marr
Suzette Martinez
Olivia Marwell
Jennifer Matthews
Kyra McAndrews
Mark McAndrews and Laurie Stevens
Michael McAuliffe and Robin Rosenberg
Janet and Stan McCammon
Carter McKaughan
Lynn McNair
Jim Migdal and Victoria Thorp
Danna and Joel Mirviss
Alexander Mitchell
Michael and Theresa Morton
Suzanne and Ben Nelson
Edmund Newton
Marcelle O’Halloran
Philomena Ojeda
Debbie and Rick Olafsson
Kimberly Olsson
Samir Patel and Pina Masciarelli
Satyen Patel and Susan Anthony
Rachel Perelman
Sharon and Michael Perelman
Valentina Perez
John Pluhar Jr.
Lucy Pollard
Andrew Ratshin and Hilary Field
Michael Richardson and Sasha Iglehart
Frank and Ilysse Rimalovski
Laura Rockefeller
Ariela Rosenzweig
Nathaniel Ruark
Kathryn Sanders Platnick
Reinhard Schlassa
Sydney Schneir
Jacquelyn and Patrick Sedlak
Leah Serebrenik and Vladimir Ovchinnikov
Sophia Sennett
Barbara Shi and Ben Ma
Carmel Shields
Robin Sims and Laura Marion
Elliott Smith
Sejal and Raj Sood
Jules Spector
Campbell Streator
Joanna and Jason Strober
Megan Thode
Cormac Thorpe
Jane Thuo
Erica Veazey
Yolanda White
Ginger Young and Jonathan Wiener

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