Washington, DC

Washington, DC is an exciting, diverse and invigorating city. Yes, DC is our nation’s capitol and the center of our political universe. It is also a vibrant cultural city full of passionate personalities, fascinating neighborhoods, outstanding restaurants, and vibrant artistic offerings.

SEGL rests comfortably on Capitol Hill, a neighborhood popular with young families as well as congresspeople. SEGL’s academic facility is located in Dupont Circle, DC’s hippest neighborhood, featuring many trendy restaurants.

SEGL students enjoy growing up in DC’s thrilling environment and they thrive on immediate access to many of the capitol’s extensive resources. Their hands-on education in the nation’s capitol is a key component of our program.

Imagine studying North Korean politics in a State Department conference room, or discussing HIV/AIDS policy at the South African embassy, or playing ultimate frisbee on the National Mall, or running into a Senator on your walk to school.

It all happens here.