In addition to providing a rigorous college preparatory academic program that fulfills requirements of both sending schools and undergraduate institutions, SEGL offers an innovative pedagogical model that inspires students to value and cultivate lives of ethical inquiry, nurtures the leadership capacity in each student, and challenges students with hands-on, real-world opportunities to change our globe.

Each student takes Ethics & Leadership, Introduction to Arabic & Mandarin, and English; depending on a student’s home school requirements, she or he may also take U.S. History and/or Comparative Government, and one of several language, science, and math electives. Special tutoring is available (for an additional fee) for courses not normally included in the SEGL curriculum.

Traditional Course Offerings

In addition to the innovative classes described below, each student takes a full load of honors-level junior year courses. In particular, SEGL offers English, U.S. History, Comparative Government, Physics and Chemistry (both science courses count as “lab” sciences), advanced/intermediate Spanish, advanced/intermediate French, and several sections of mathematics. Students may take additional language courses and/or independent studies with prior approval for an additional fee. Each traditional course meets for 50 minutes four times weekly.  Click here to read more.

Ethics & Leadership

The core of the SEGL curriculum is Ethics & Leadership (E&L), a unique course that uses weekly case studies as its subject and Washington, DC as its classroom.  Team-taught by the entire SEGL faculty, E&L introduces students to the complexities of real-world problems and the passion of the people dedicated to solving them.  Every Wednesday is entirely devoted to E&L, which usually includes visits to embassies, government agencies, think tanks, and other influential individuals and organizations.  Click here to read more.

Introduction to Arabic & MANDARIN

Recent global events and trends leave little room for doubt that China and the Arab world will present important opportunities and challenges for tomorrow’s leaders. Learning both to communicate and to understand the value systems of these cultures is essential. Recognizing this, SEGL requires a weekly class in Arabic and Chinese language and culture.  Click here to read more.