The School for Ethics and Global Leadership

Summer Institute: London

The Summer Institute in London, England is a five-week program that provides students with tools to confront global issues and effect positive change in our world. The program is for a selected group of rising high school juniors and seniors from across the country.

For the past four years, the institute has been held in London, England, one of the world’s most exciting cities, from culture to politics to business. Students visit think tanks, NGOs, and government offices, meet with British lawmakers, leaders, and and experts, and enhance their public speaking, debate, and collaborative skills.



At the Summer Institute, you will do a deep-dive into our Ethics and Leadership curriculum, studying a range of global ethical dilemmas and the responses of the international community with a focus on the United Kingdom and Europe. You will meet with the very people who work on these issues, often presenting your work to them for evaluation. Have you ever wondered why the United Kingdom voted to “Brexit” the European Union? Do you want to discuss the relationship between the Queen and Parliament with a sitting Member of Parliament? Would you like to present and defend your policy memo to an expert on the warring former British colonies of India and Pakistan? Then this is the program for you!

In our Summer Institute, students do not take any core academic classes as they do during the semester programs. Instead, they focus exclusively on the Ethics and Leadership curriculum - meaning there is also plenty of time to explore the many historic and memorable sites around London!

By the end of the summer, you will produce three capstone projects: an ethical Credo, a collaborative policy document, and a business plan for a social venture project that you will launch in your community after your time in London. These projects are extraordinary ways to demonstrate your ability and growth to colleges, the wider world, and – most important – yourself.

Student Life

Residential Life

Students and faculty live together in fully-furnished, centrally-located residences. Locations have included the diverse Maida Vale neighborhood, and the historical Russell Square neighborhood, behind the British Museum.


Students eat well at SEGL! Meals are served three times a day, with snacks also provided. SEGL students do not need to buy their own food, although they can if they choose to do so. SEGL is committed to accommodating students' dietary restrictions.


Each week, SEGL students work with faculty to plan activities. Many events are entirely created and organized by students with plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the myriad offerings in London. During the weekends, students have time for laundry, studying, field trips, naps, exercise, and fun with friends. There is also time for students to attend religious services, both on weekends and weekdays.

Dress Guidelines

There is no formal dress code at SEGL, although students are asked to follow our dress guidelines, which are non-gender specific and were created with input from many generations of SEGL students. At times, SEGL asks that students dress professionally for a site visit or guest speaker. In these instances, students should plan to dress to align with the expectations the offices, agencies, and experts with whom we are interacting will hold which is often more formal than during the academic day.


Students should bring a laptop computer if they have access to one; SEGL has a limited number of loaner computers available. The London campus has wireless Internet access and printers are available.

Getting Around London

Students will regularly travel around the city using London’s easy, safe public transportation options, from buses to the Tube (the underground rail network). London is also a very walkable city, so students will explore by foot as well! Note that multiple SEGL faculty members accompany students when they fly between our United States gateway airport to London at the start and end of the semester.