Weekends officially begin after lunch on Saturdays. The U.S. Capitol building (where Congress meets), U.S. Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Museums, the National Mall, Eastern Market, and beautiful parks are all within a few blocks of the residential facility. Each Tuesday, a new group of students works with faculty to plan the Saturday afternoon and evening entertainment for the school. Many events are completely created and organized by students, so there is ample room for creativity. Want to learn to salsa? Want to invite the director of that new documentary to speak? Want to emcee a talent show? Want to organize a soup kitchen? Saturday is your chance!

On most weekends, Sundays are relaxed, with time for impromptu fun with friends, laundry, studying, an optional field trip or service project, or a nap. Students can also attend a variety of religious services on Sunday morning, Saturday evening, and during the week. Study hall on Sunday begins after dinner, and is usually followed by a dorm meeting with the Residential Advisor. The dorm meeting is a place to bring ideas, concerns, and reflections that will make the residential experience more enjoyable and meaningful for everyone.