While academically rigorous, the daily student schedule at SEGL leaves room for regular athletics, socializing, and weekend activities. Even beyond these regular outlets, SEGL seeks to provide further ways students can take care of themselves while they are in Washington, DC.

One of these is the Flex Period, a time every Tuesday night (when students have no homework due to Wednesday’s full-day Ethics and Leadership block) when we schedule alternative programming focused more on life skills.  Popular past sessions have included self-care techniques, financial fitness, physical well-being, yoga, college counseling, networking workshops, and an occasional movie.  Later in the semester, Flex Period topics are tailored more toward student requests, with students often serving as lead planners and facilitators.

Finally, SEGL holds the value of a tight-knit community as the most important factor in student wellness. In addition to sit-down dinners, communal weekend activities, and support for religious observances, we provide many opportunities for students to shape their own experience at SEGL, such as weekend planning, input on food choices, and oversight of community norms.

Is the food good here?  Yes!  To learn more about our food program, check out this blog post from our chef!

Furthermore, SEGL’s small faculty to student ratio ensures a strong support network for students. Every student has a faculty advisor, as well as the resources of the Health Officer, College Counselor, and Director to call upon.