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  • Jul 29, 2017

    Summer 2017 presents capstone policy document at the State Department

    Suppose you were called to testify before Congress…or argue a case in front of the Supreme Court…or defend your PhD thesis…how would you prepare?  Over the last three weeks our students underwent a boot camp for those (and other similar) leadership challenges.  And their preparation ended with a real-life State Department presentation.Read More

  • Jul 29, 2017

    A front row seat at the health care showdown

    This past week the Congressional showdown over health care grabbed headlines across the country.  Across the street from the showdown, our students were paying attention, and the results created memorable learning–and photo–opportunities.Read More

  • Jul 28, 2017

    Summer 2017 confronts 1994 Rwandan genocide

    The 2004 PBS Frontline documentary Ghosts of Rwanda is an SEGL rite-of-passage.  Since our first term, the powerful film has captivated, alarmed, and inspired our students.  What is the ethical response to mass atrocity?  Should American leaders prioritize American interests at all times, or is it worth risking American lives to help stave off widespread havoc?  How do we prevent these events from ever occurring? Ghosts, and our next case study of the semester, poses these questions.Read More