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  • Oct 15, 2014

    Legendary Speechwriter Lissa Muscatine leads SEGL Master Class

    The “Master Class” is an SEGL signature experience: several times a semester, our students present and defend a “deliverable” in front of a distinguished guest expert.  The deliverable might be a policy memo, an ethical argument, or–as was the case last week–a three minute speech.

    Lissa Muscatine, who was Hillary Clinton’s top speechwriter for nearly twenty years (and who also wrote speeches for President Bill Clinton), is one of SEGL’s favorite Master Class teachers.  Almost always accompanied by Megan Rooney, who currently writes speeches at the White House for President Obama and others, Muscatine is adept at preparing our students to write convincing speeches.  And she critiques those speeches with a collegial incisiveness that leaves students impressed and ready to revise.Read More

  • Sep 28, 2014

    Fall 2014 Targets Second Amendment

    Suppose you were in front of a Supreme Court justice and had to argue for or against an American citizen’s right to own a gun for self-defense. What would you say? What arguments would you use? That’s the challenge our students confronted this week as they prepared to meet one of the nation’s leading Constitutional scholars head-on.

    Read More

  • Sep 20, 2014

    What did YOU do in school this week? SEGL and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    What did YOU do in school last week?

    Sometimes we can’t help asking that question after a particularly meaningful seven days at SEGL.   Our recent Israeli-Palestinian case study, and the way our intrepid cohort responded to it, exemplifies the “best possible opportunity” language of our mission, and we are delighted to share the highlights with you.Read More