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  • Sep 24, 2016

    Longtime top Hillary Clinton speechwriter leads SEGL Master Class

    The SEGL Master Class: it is something of a trademark experience here.  Several times a semester, our students present and defend a “deliverable” in front of a distinguished guest expert.  The deliverable might be a policy memo, an Constitutional argument, or–as was the case this week–a three minute speech.Read More

  • Sep 18, 2016

    Israelis, Palestinians, and Fall 2016

    The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is perhaps the greatest of all modern international challenges.  Not only is it perniciously intractable; it also influences countless related contemporary problems.  Leaders of the past and present have worked to address it, with limited success. This week our cohort took its turn, with promising results.Read More

  • Sep 10, 2016

    Week Two: Lessons from Rwanda

    Watching the 2004 PBS Frontline documentary Ghosts of Rwanda is an SEGL tradition.  Since our first semester, the powerfully evocative film has captivated, alarmed, and inspired our students.  What is the ethical response to mass atrocity?  Should American leaders prioritize American interests at all times, or is it worth risking American lives to help stave off widespread havoc?  How do we prevent these events from ever occurring? Ghosts, and our second case study of the semester, poses these questions.Read More