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  • Sep 15, 2019

    Ghosts of Rwanda Night and its Lessons

    Ghosts of Rwanda Night.  Every SEGL graduate remembers it. Read More

  • Sep 9, 2019

    Palestinians, Israelis, and prospects for peace

    The Israeli-Palestinian is perhaps the quintessential disagreement of our time.  It has brought American presidencies to their knees, created untold layers of disagreement, and dominated contemporary college campus debates.   Is the conflict intractable?  Or could new leaders (perhaps some of them SEGL graduates) with new ideas find a solution?  These questions, and many others, made up our second case study of the fall.  Read More

  • Sep 1, 2019

    Fall 2019, Week One: Critical Thinking

    In our first week we replaced conventional classes with a series of learning adventures.  These adventures encouraged students to focus on critical thinking skills that will serve them at SEGL and beyond.  Read More