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  • Sep 9, 2018

    Palestinians, Israelis, and Peace

    When, if ever, will Palestinians and Israelis make peace?  Is the conflict intractable?  Or could new leaders (perhaps some of them SEGL graduates) with new ideas find a breakthrough?  These questions, and many others, made up our third case study of the fall.  Along the way, we met with two key leaders (another will meet with us next month) whose work continues to impact the conflict.Read More

  • Sep 3, 2018

    The Media: literacy, bias, and ethics

    What is truth?  Where can we find it?  How do we recognize it?  In 2018, these questions are more difficult than ever to answer, especially when we consume the news.  These questions of truth dominate our first case study of the semester: media literacy, bias, and ethics.  Along the way, our students meet with three leading media figures from very different backgrounds, and gain tools to help them through the “fake news” era. Read More

  • Aug 26, 2018

    Fall 2018–and SEGL’s 10th year–begin!

    The tenth year in SEGL history began with vigor and verve this weekend!  We welcomed what by many measures is the most diverse class in our history, and its energy and enthusiasm is already apparent.Read More