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  • Feb 11, 2019

    Spring 2019 and Ghosts of Rwanda Night

    Ghosts of Rwanda Night is a well-remembered SEGL rite-of-passage.  Since our first semester, the powerful PBS Frontline documentary has challenged our students with classic leadership dilemmas: What is the most ethical response to mass atrocities?  Should American leaders always prize American interests above all?  Is it ever worth risking American lives to help halt tragedy abroad?  How do we prevent human rights abuses from ever occurring? Ghosts, and our second case study of the semester, raises these questions.Read More

  • Feb 4, 2019

    SEGL launches semester program in South Africa!

    Dear friends of SEGL:

    I write with exciting news: SEGL is launching a semester program in South Africa!Read More

  • Feb 4, 2019

    Critical Thinking: Week One at SEGL

    Our tenth spring semester is off to a roaring and unique start.  For the first time in our history we’ve pushed traditional classes to the second week; this allows us to focus on building critical thinking skills that will serve us throughout the semester and beyond.  (Along the way, we had a great deal of fun!)Read More