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  • Mar 5, 2017

    Spring 2017 confronts the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict may be the most notorious dispute in modern history.  Not only is it apparently intractable; it also influences countless related contemporary problems.  Leaders of the past and present have worked to address it, with limited success. This week our Spring 2017 cohort took its turn, with hopeful results.Read More

  • Mar 4, 2017

    Longtime top Hillary Clinton speechwriter leads master class

    The “Master Class” is a signature SEGL experience: several times a semester, our students present and defend a “deliverable” in front of distinguished guest experts.  The deliverable could be a funding proposal, a policy memo, or–as was the case last week–a three minute speech.Read More

  • Feb 20, 2017

    Social Ventures, Stage One

    Each SEGL student completes three capstone projects: the ethical Credo, the collaborative policy document, and the social venture project.  Each is essential to the SEGL experience, and each tests our students’ mettle.  The first challenge is the social venture project: a from-the-ground-up business plan to create positive change (for profit or nonprofit), to be implemented upon returning home.  Along the way, students gain countless leadership skills (and, perhaps, a nice college admissions boost!).  Our social venture journey started last week.Read More