Collaborative Policy Documents

Below, you’ll find links to each semester’s Collaborative Policy Document, arranged in chronological order.  The Collaborative Policy Document is one of our signature capstones, bringing together the research, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills learned from interdisciplinary case studies presented in the Ethics & Leadership course.  You can learn more about our policy document process on the Ethics and Leadership page.

Spring 2014: United States’ Drone Policy in Yemen

Fall 2013: A New Regime and New Opportunity in Iran: Recommendations for US Policy

Spring 2013: Addressing the Nuclear Crisis in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: Recommendations for the International Community 

Fall 2012: Addressing the Laogai: A Human Rights Violation and Economic Dilemma

Spring 2012: Guantánamo Bay: Recommendations for U.S. Policy

Fall 2011: Supporting National Reconciliation in Burma: Recommendations for U.S. Policy 

Spring 2011: Bloody Business: Conflict Diamonds in Zimbabwe

Fall 2010: Combating Sex Trafficking in Thailand

Spring 2010: Piracy in Somalia: Recommendations for Law, State Building, Violence, and Development