Tuition and Financial Assistance
2021-2022 Tuition

Tuition, room, and board for the 2021-2022 school year is $32,990 per semester: roughly the cost of a semester at a prestigious boarding school.  In addition, students are required to have an incidental bank account (created prior to arriving at SEGL) containing $600 to pay for additional personal expenses. Transportation to and from Washington, DC (DC program) and Johannesburg, South Africa (SEGL at ALA program) at the beginning and end of the semester as well as during holiday periods is the responsibility of each student’s family.

Tuition for our 2021 Summer Institute in London is $10,990. SEGL requires families to set aside an additional $280 (=£200) for student incidental expenses in a checking account that students can access from ATMs internationally. Flights to and from London will be booked by SEGL but the cost will be the responsibility of each student’s family.

Financial Assistance

SEGL is committed to attracting a diverse student body from a variety of geographic, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds.  Historically, nearly 50% of SEGL students have received some form of need-based financial assistance. Please do not hesitate to apply to SEGL because of your family’s financial position. We do not offer merit-based scholarships.

SEGL partners with School and Student Services (SSS) to process financial aid applications.  SSS is a comprehensive financial aid management service administered under the National Association of Independent Schools and devoted to helping schools help families.  Through an in-depth analysis of a family’s financial situation, SSS provides SEGL with an objective expected family contribution to tuition expenses.

Please note that February 15, 2021 is the Priority Application Deadline for Financial Assistance.  Financial aid applications will still be considered after this date; however, SEGL may be unable to provide aid to families that do not meet the February 15 deadline.

To apply for financial aid, please click here. SSS charges a small fee for the financial aid application.  A limited number of families may qualify for a fee waiver from SEGL.  For more information, please email

In order to apply for financial aid, you will need to enter the SEGL school code: 5063. SEGL also requires the submission of tax forms, including your most recent Form W-2 and Form 1040.  (If you have not yet completed your most recent taxes, please use the previous year’s, unless your family has experienced significant financial changes.) Please have these on hand when you begin the online application.