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DC Fall 2022 Family Videoconference

You can find a recording of this videoconference at this link:

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SEGL DC Parent Meeting and Graduation, Spring 2022


Use the link at the bottom of this post to join the Zoom meeting; the passcode is seglgrads! (including the exclamation point).

To enter the meeting, you must change your Zoom name to indicate your given name and your connection to the School (ex: “Maria G., Parent, Spring 2022 DC).

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SEGL DC Virtual Open House


Password is Welcome!

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Spring 2022 DC Family Day

To participate in Spring 2022 DC Family Day, click the Join Now button below. The passcode is “FamilyDay!” (Be sure to remove the quotation marks.) When you enter the meeting, adjust your username so that it reflects your actual name and your connection to the school. (Example: Christian S., Teacher Spring `22)

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  • 833 548 0276 US Toll-free
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  • 888 475 4499 US Toll-free

Meeting ID: 882 0014 8860

Our first speaker, Amb. William B. Taylor, the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, will join us at 10am Eastern time. Our second speaker, the Hon. Dean Phillips (D-MN), who is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, will join us at 11am Eastern time. Both speakers will be with students in-person at our Residence.

Ambassador Taylor was Ambassador to Ukraine during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations and Acting Ambassador to Ukraine during the Trump Administration.

He was a key witness during President Trump’s impeachment hearings.

His career includes leading diplomatic roles in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Middle East peace process, and the U.S. Army.

Congressman Phillips represents Minnesota’s 3rd District. He sits on the Europe, Energy, and Cyber Subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and also serves on the Ethics, Financial Services, and Modernization of Congress Committees.

He is a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus and a Gold Star son.

(Congressman Phillips is joining pending the House voting schedule; if he is delayed, we will meet with him later this semester.)

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Spring 2022 DC Parent/Guardian Meeting

Meeting ID: 856 648 4228

Passcode: DCS22!

+13126266799,,8566484228# US (Chicago)

+16468769923,,8566484228# US (New York)

888 475 4499 US (Toll-free)

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DC Spring 2022 Family Videoconference

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SEGL in DC Fall 2021 Parent Meeting & Graduation Ceremony

Fall 2021 Families:

You can find the Fall 2021 DC Post-Grad Guide here and the Fall 2021 DC Graduation Program here.

Passcode for video - DCF21@SEGL!

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SEGL in Joburg Fall 2021 Graduation Ceremony

DC 2021 Virtual Networking Night

SEGL Homecoming 2021: State of the School conversation with Noah Bopp, Founder and Head of School including an update from SEGL in Johannesburg Director, Mairéad O’Grady

SEGL Homecoming 2021: Community Fishbowl Discussion with Andrea Flores, White House National Security Council Director for Border Management

SEGL Homecoming 2021: Keynote conversation with retired U.S. Army Lt. Col Alexander Vindman

SEGL Homecoming 2021: Golden Mug award ceremony honoring Kimberly L. Jones

SEGL Homecoming 2021: Model English Class with Academic Dean and SEGL in DC English Teacher, Christian Starling

SEGL Homecoming 2021: Weekend kick-off with break-out “rooms” to connect/reconnect with friends across our community

Summer Book Club: Short Fiction and Food for Thought #3

Join longtime SEGL teacher, Alvin Fridie. The resources for our final meeting can be found below: “The Story of My Dovecot” by Isaac Babel “My Dear You” by Rachel Khong.

Summer Book Club: Short Fiction and Food for Thought #2

Join longtime SEGL teacher, Alvin Fridie. The resources for the second meeting can be found below: “Gator Butchering for Beginners” by Kristen Arnett “The Garden Party (1921)” by Katherine Mansfield. Framing Information.

Summer Book Club: Short Fiction and Food for Thought #1

Join longtime SEGL teacher Alvin Fridie as he leads participants in an exploration of short fiction works, including novellas and short stories. The goal of the club is to develop a community of readers who draw just as much inspiration from the texts as from one another while enjoying each other’s company. Participants are invited to bring their favorite food and drink along (see recipes below for inspiration!). The resources for the first meeting can be found below:“A Country Doctor” by Franz Kafka“Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris. Framing Information and Recipes!

Restorative Practices & Rwanda’s Pathway to Trust

Principles and practices for navigating today’s complex world with SEGL Golden Mug Award winner Carl Wilkens. Moderated by Anne Jiang (Spring 2017 and Summer 2018). Prior to this segment, we recommend reading Carl’s written piece, “A Matter of Posture”.

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The History and Ethics of Protest in America

A weekly SEGL TV segment with Noah Bopp and Christian Starling. This discussion-based course provided historical and ethical context to our current national trauma, and help participants find their own way forward. Using classic SEGL readings, films, and case studies, along with today’s most influential thinking, attendees wrestled with questions as old as our Republic. Access course material and discussion prompts here.

The Queer History You Didn’t Learn in School

A conversation with Keigan McCullagh (Fall 2019).

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The Fools of Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s clowns come in a wide variety of tones and functions. Explore these melancholy, ridiculous, mischievous inventions and see how understanding them helps understand ourselves and others. Hosted by Charlotte Jones (Spring 2017) and Chris Jones (2017 parent/guest speaker) who boasts half a century of Shakespearean acting and scholarship.

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COVID-19, Election 2020, and Youth Voting

A conversation with Campbell Streator (Fall 2012), Executive Director of Every Vote Counts, and Meirav Solomon (Spring 2020)

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The Dynamics of Privilege and Power in the Era of COVID19 & Black Lives Matter

Explore the relationship between privilege, power, and race, and how that relationship affects our own lives, the lives of others, and our society. Through facilitating privilege statement exercises, Jaitsiri Kaur Ahluwalia (London ‘19) and Saffiyah Coker (London ‘19) hope to create open dialogues for exploration, examination, and self-implication. Resource list for Allyship + Understanding Privilege can be found here.

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The Butter Broadcast: Time Capsules and Conversation

Join Adela Thompson Page (Fall 2019) and Nathalie Mitchell (Spring 2020) for a creative afternoon of discussion and hands-on time capsule making.

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The Leaders of Tomorrow and the Problems of Today: The Importance of Youth Leadership in the 21st Century

SEGL is only the beginning of the path towards leadership. Join Onero Institute founder Elad Raymond (Fall 2016) for a discussion on why youth leadership is so important for creating positive change and how SEGLettes can lead after their semester experience.

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Running for Office in the Coronavirus Era

A Conversation with New York State Assembly candidate Cameron Koffman and campaign manager Martin Rather (both Fall 2013). Hosted by fellow Fall 2013 graduate, Camille Ward.

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SEGL’s Future in the COVID-19 era:

A Conversation with Noah Bopp, Mairéad O’Grady and Christian Starling. Hosted by SEGL Fall 2018 graduate, India Glenn.

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Vaccines, Therapeutics, Testing, and Isolation

How should we understand the present response of the United States to COVID-19? Join us for a conversation with SEGL Science Teacher, Alvin Fridie. Hosted by Nikki Farber (Spring 2019) and Manavi Sinha (Fall 2019).

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Watch and discuss "Born Good? Babies Help Unlock the Origins of Morality"

Watch and discuss “Born Good? Babies Help Unlock the Origins of Morality” with Emmy Award-winning producer Shari Finkelstein (Fall 2019 parent) and hosted by Lara Yellin (Fall 2019 graduate).

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SEGL Live concert

Join SEGL graduate Abri Bernstein (AKA Abri Lirone) as she sings songs from her album Leaves Change and some popular favorites. Bring an instrument if you have one; we’ll try a virtual jam session when the concert is over! Hosted by former SEGL Academic Dean JD Gladden (who just might bring her ukulele to the festivities!)

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Share humbles and a meal (virtually) as we did at SEGL

Hosted by Manavi Sinha and Nora Estrada (both Fall 2019).

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COVID-19 and College Admissions

A Conversation with Dr. Pamela Ellis, “The Education Doctor” (Summer 2014 parent and SEGL’s consulting college counselor); links from Dr. Ellis’ segment include: a free Virtual Campus Visit Guide; free webinar on How to Find the Right College; and an app to deal with teen anxiety. For more information or to contact Dr. Ellis, please visit

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Watch and discuss the Oscar-nominated documentary "Cartel Land" with its producer, Tom Yellin (Fall 2019 parent)

Hosted by Lara Yellin, SEGL Class of Fall 2019. Welcome and pre-screening discussion here. Post-screening discussion is here.

How to stay centered in the COVID-19 era

With SEGL Director of Wellness and Advising, Dr. Patricia Thomas, and hosted by Tyrel London, SEGL Class of Fall 2012. Resource links from Dr. Patty’s talk can be found here.

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How to travel around Capitol Hill and help your parents stay fit

With Daisy Bopp (daughter of SEGL Head of School Noah Bopp) on her super fast scooter.

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A conversation with Clark Neily, Vice President for Criminal Justice at the Cato Institute and 2018 SEGL Golden Mug Award Winner

Hosted by Mia Felt, SEGL Class of Fall 2019

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Cooking with Susana Heureaux, SEGL’s Food Coordinator and Chef

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SEGL TV is powered by Zoom. You do not need to sign up for Zoom or install the Zoom software to participate in our conversations, though there are a few limitations if you do not–namely, you will only be able to see the hosts during the conversation. If you do not want to sign up for and install Zoom, skip down to the appropriate instructions below.

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